Giving parenting practitioners the tools they need to help keep families together.

Parenting teenagers can be a real challenge. But the cost of taking children into social care can be devastating, both emotionally and financially.

TUG  Training offers online and face-to-face training courses for support teams ( social workers and other specialists) to give them the skills, the confidence and the tools that they need to deal with difficult situations and to build strong family relationships.

Testimonial : The course and trainers were fantastic. The course makes good use of psychology and explaining why the activities work, as well as why this course works better than others that don't have the self-care and nurturing aspects.


TUG Training

Take 3 Parenting

Nicky Xandora has been closely involved in the development of the Take 3 Parenting programme whose 3 key features are unique and effective : Nurture, Structure and Self-Care.



Parenting courses

If you’re looking for tailored training that addresses specific challenges we are happy to both collaborate and advise, and can adjust aspects of our training to suit your requirements.

With years of experience of delivering parenting courses and training professional practitioners,  TUG Training can offer both standard and bespoke programmes.


About us

Nicky Xandora is the director and founder of TUG training. Nicky is an experienced parent educator, and has spent much of her career in the field of parent support – having particular expertise in early intervention and work with troubled families.

Find out more about skills, experience and background.


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