Comments from parents who used Take 3

A small selection of thoughts that parents participating in Take 3 parenting groups have shared…

“I stopped blaming him for everything; I started setting boundaries which I was very bad at before, and started using ‘I’ statements and then eventually we could negotiate. I got my son back…”

“I was always saying I was going to do things and then not going ahead…I learnt to stick to things and life is so much better…”

“it  helped me see things from their [young peoples’] perspective…”

“the course…helped me to develop a lot more understanding of my relationship to the children…”

“It got me to be a lot more active at an earlier stage before things drift…”

‘The things I particularly liked about the course were remembering to take care of me, talking to other parents in similar situations, and understanding the teen brain.  My outlook is positive – I really do use what I’ve learnt…”

I particularly liked finding other people in the same boat. I felt before I came on the course as if it was just me who couldn’t get my child to school.  I learnt about negotiating boundaries and using them effectively, making time for me, and using ‘I’ statements.  I’m now thinking before I speak and have more understanding of my son’s needs…”

The sessions made ideas a lot clearer, and helped you identify areas that you’re good at and ones that you need to be stronger with. Helped me to be calmer and give the children opportunities to do things for themselves.  I learnt to listen… giving time for children to reply, giving children choices and consequences, discipline, working as a family…”

I learnt to be more relaxed and patient with the children.  Their mum and I are more relaxed, the children are more relaxed and happy…”

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