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One day training for practitioners…coming soon !

TIPS Training

TUG Training is developing the highly successful Oxfordshire ‘TIPS’ training (‘Tried and Tested Ideas for Parent education and Support.’ )

The training runs over 4 full days  and the material includes:

  • Planning, engagement and retention of parents on programmes
  • Ground rules and group development
  • Dealing with tricky situations and combative parents, responding to individuals
  • Recognising the issues parents face
  • Awareness shifting, and change potential in terms of transfer of skills to real life
  • Evaluating programmes and assessing learning

TUG has the remit to update the course itself and to condense the material into a 4 day training, where required. Enquiries are welcome.

Further Courses/ Support

Strengthening Families 10-14.

This programme is for families who wish to support their child’s development. Parents and a child between the ages of 10 and 14 attend  seven weekly group sessions where they learn to communicate effectively , set appropriate boundaries and resist peer pressure to use drugs and alcohol.

Parent and young persons sessions of one hour run concurrently, and then there is a one-hour family session every week.

Parents and young people learn strategies for identifying and reducing the risks in their family system whilst at the same time increasing protective factors. Typically, participants will see that parenting practices, family communication and young people’s attitudes improve.

The training provided by TUG runs over 3 days and equips facilitators to offer the Strengthening Families 10-14 programme in their own setting.

Nicky is qualified in staff supervision for those working with parents in groups, or those working within families on a one to one basis. She is able to offer training and support as needed to managers and supervisors who will be supporting the work of front line practitioners.

Some courses can be adapted, and bespoke training can be provided on a commissioned basis. To discuss your service needs, please contact us.

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