Take 3 Parenting Programme

Take 3 is an evidence based parenting programme designed for groups of parents of children between ten and nineteen years of age.

It provides valuable support and guidance for parents and caregivers of all kinds and is  particularly useful for those with responsibility for vulnerable and ‘at risk’ young people.  Though it is commonly used in group sessions, it has also proven its effectiveness in one-to-one interventions and with disaffected parents who have struggled to engage with other schemes.

The things I particularly liked about the course were remembering to take care of me, talking to other parents in similar situations and understanding the teen brain.  My outlook is positive – I really do use what I’ve learnt

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Take 3 was originally developed in 2000 for use in the UK Youth Justice system. Created and led by Oxfordshire-based parenting consultant Rosie Hill, it was refined over the following years, using feedback from British parents and practitioners. It was formally published as a parenting resource in 2008 by ‘Young People in Focus’.

Validated via the Government’s Commissioning Toolkit, Take 3 is now used UK-wide by:

  • Youth Offending Services
  • Early Intervention teams
  • Social workers
  • Health visitors
  • Independent parent educators

Fundamentally, Take 3 works to rekindle love and respect in families where these vital components of healthy relationships have been lost.

Course Overview

The Take 3 Programme comprises two separate elements. Part 1 is a basic course consisting of ten core sessions. Part 2 offers a choice of up to ten additional sessions that focus on specific issues and can be added to the core elements as required.

The programme seeks to:

  • improve relationships between young people and their families; and
  • improve young people’s behaviour at home, at school and in the community.

Take 3 gives parents the skills and strategies to:

  • take care of themselves so that they can perform their parenting role from a position of good health and mental strength;
  • nurture their sons/daughters by encouraging them and listening to them;
  • provide them with boundaries and appropriate structure.

Support materials include written content and a USB card containing dramatised scenes and handouts. Each session is accompanied by detailed instructions and background theory, so the course is straightforward for facilitators to use and understand.

Each session is accompanied by facilitator notes explaining the theory behind the activities. The core programme is set out with timings for each activity and each session, materials needed, and many useful tips and examples meaning that facilitators can rely on a solid structure without feeling out of their depth.


Take 3 invariably receives positive evaluations from parent educators, who find it invaluable in dealing with challenging families. Parents typically experience a calmer home life and report that they themselves have changed in terms of their own levels of frustration and upset. They will tend to make time for themselves and present as more patient, assertive and respectful,  which – in turn – leads to  their young people exhibiting these same positive qualities.

Take 3 and TUG Training

Nicky is  highly adept at delivering the Take 3 course to parents. She has more than ten years’ experience of using it in the roles of trainer and group facilitator. Nicky has been credited for her work on the Take 3 programme during its pre-publication  development phase, and has specialist experience of running the course itself in a number of settings including Youth Offending services, schools, children’s social care and Early Intervention.

Nicky’s  long association with the Take 3 programme means she has a particularly good understanding of the principles , practices and potential challenges involved in its delivery to families. Having used it in a wide variety of contexts, she is especially well placed to answer practitioners’ questions, and devote time during training to consideration and practicing applying the programme in tricky and demanding situations.

Rosie Hill,the programme creator, continues to develop the programme and sells the Take 3 materials  –  details can be found on the Take 3 Parenting website – but all training for practitioners is now delivered nationwide by TUG Training .

For more information on prices and how to book, see our Costs and Booking forms page.

Nicky, you were so helpful and positive throughout the course. Thank you so much, your knowledge and insight on the topics and the course were really useful and thought provoking…

Family support worker
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