We work very hard to keep our courses relevant and rewarding for all participants. Below are some examples of comments made by parent educators who have participated in our programmes.


“I can’t think of any course element I would change. On day 2, on the way, I was worried about covering all the material, but then felt happy with this by the end of the day, and well-equipped to start running it. The course and trainers were fantastic. The course makes good use of psychology and explaining why the activities work, as well as why this course works better than others that don’t have the self-care and nurturing aspects. ”

(Home School Link Worker and Lecturer)


“It was all relevant. It has made my practice more focused, and the factual information and model were excellent. The trainers were excellent and delivered a lot of information in an engaging manner at all times – very professional. ”



“I have a much better understanding of this parenting programme. A comprehensive programme delivered in a positive thoughtful way, accessible and easy to understand.” 

(Development Manager DA)


“There were various learning methods and the trainers were flexible to participants’ requirements. The training was very useful and the facilitators provided much useful guidance and support.” 

(Trainee Keyworker)


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