About us

TUG Training was founded in 2016 and has worked with professionals across the UK. We deliver training support both online and face to face . All of our courses are designed by qualified practitioners to deliver evidence based outcomes for parents and support teams.

Nicky Xandora

BSc.Hons.Psychology MBPsS.PgDip.Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


Nicky has been helping parents to create and maintain successful family relationships for over 24 years.

Nicky holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy from Oxford University and also a Certificate in Supervision from Brighton University, both of which augment and support the  staff supervision she delivers. She is passionate that staff are fully supported to offer the best quality of provision for service users.

Contact Nicky: Nicky@tugtraining.co.uk

Tel. 07427 639127

Naomi Kanetsuka

BSc.Hons.Psychology MBPsS

Naomi has a special interest in neuropsychology and particularly in the development of the teenage brain. She is currently undertaking a Health Psychology MSc.

Naomi has had experience of educational roles both in the UK and abroad, and her ongoing studies are focussed towards counselling families, children, and young people.

For any information regarding upcoming training dates, equipment, bookings, venue, or staff requirements :

Contact Naomi:  admin@tugtraining.co.uk

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